Space Range & Merchandising

  • Space, Range & Merchandising

    As the Space, Range and Merchandising team put it: There is always room for improvement.

    Space, Range & Merchandising

Key information

Leadership skills required

  • Innovation
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Resilience
  • Responsiveness

Teams you could work with

Space, Range and Merchandising is part of Tesco’s Marketing team. We’re passionate about making things better for our customers – it’s the driving force behind everything we do.

You’ll have seen our work in every Tesco Malaysia store you’ve visited. From setting up the right space on the shop floor to developing displays that showcase our products, when you work in Space, Range and Merchandising, you’re making a difference in every one of our stores. 

You’ll get to help us maximise the use of space, improve the customer shopping experience and drive sales by applying your knowledge about seasonality, trends, our customers and how they shop our stores.

More than anything, we’re looking for people who obsess over improving things for customers and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. We also look for people with a variety of strengths and passions, not just a sliced set of skills. And because things change so fast in our part of the business, we’re always searching for people who love big challenges and welcome big changes.

Space, Range and Display is split into different teams, each with its own specialised focus. The Display team is at the heart of things: its job is to ensure our displays are both inspiring and easy for customers to shop – as well as simple for stores to implement.

The Space team works hand-in-glove with our Display team, analysing how we can best tailor the space to get the right offers and services for every community our stores serve.

Some of our teams are doing work that’s all about the here-and-now. While others are focused on the future – evaluating the latest trends to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of retail in the way we work with stores and the experience we create for customers.

All kinds of people, right across the business. As well as working with your 140 strong colleagues in Space, Range and Display you could work closely with Buyers, Operations Managers, Stores and our Property and Marketing colleagues.

We want you to always feel at ease in your new working environment. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to help you enjoy the work you do.

  • You’ll join a welcoming team that works on building strong, friendly relationships with customers and local communities.
  • All year round, you’ll receive benefits and rewards, including additional special offers on our products.
  • You’ll also get plenty of training and development opportunities, so you get as much support, feedback and chances to further your career as you need.

Welcome to Tesco Malaysia!