• Marketing

    Mind readers.
    Trend watchers.
    Get Tesco noticed by understanding customer wants and putting them at the heart of our marketing.

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Key information

Leadership skills required

  • Innovation
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Resilience
  • Responsiveness

This is a fast-paced and exciting place to work. Everyone in our team is passionate about understanding customers: what matters most to them; why they think, feel and act the way they do; and what they want from Tesco Malaysia. We’re passionate about these things because it’s only by truly understanding our customers that we’re able to start making a real, positive difference to their lives. By making a positive difference, we will become a brand loved by customers.

It’s no exaggeration to say we sit at the very heart of the business, leading many of Tesco’s biggest projects. These include recent launches that you might have seen in your local store – like our commitment to check over 10,000 product prices every week against our competitors. You could be part of the following teams

Creative: We deliver the print and online publications seen by millions of customers. We work closely with Commercial and Marketing teams to lead design concepts, imagery, copywriting and artwork.
To join this team you’ll need a passion for creative and design work, outstanding attention to detail.

Consumer Insight: We work with some of the most insightful customer data in the world. It’s critical to helping us understand what matters to customers and how we are performing. The role of our Insight team is to take this data and turn it into actionable findings that can make a real difference to customers.
To join the team you’ll need an interest in using data to make business decisions, a strong customer focus and experience of using insight and Excel systems.

Digital Marketing: Customers are changing the way they shop and it’s not enough for us to just keep up with them – we need to stay one step ahead. We are currently investing heavily in Digital Marketing in Malaysia to develop new shopping experiences for customers.
To join us, you’ll need to be passionate and knowledgeable about e-commerce (ideally across various platforms and channels).

Marketing Operations: We sit at the centre of the Marketing team and co-ordinate many essential functions. From Trade Planning to In-Store Marketing, and manage marketing events end to end. We always have our finger on the pulse, responding rapidly to changing business conditions. It’s a fast paced and exciting place to be.You’ll need to be able to manage issues, decisions and stakeholders.Most importantly, you’ll need to be someone who can put our customers first.

We’re a close-knit team with strong links to the rest of the business and you’ll be working with everyone from graduates to senior directors, both within and outside of Marketing. Collaboration is highly valued and how you go about things matters as much as what you do.

We want you to always feel at ease in your new working environment. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to help you enjoy the work you do.

  • You’ll join a welcoming team that works on building strong, friendly relationships with customers and local communities.
  • All year round, you’ll receive benefits and rewards, including additional special offers on our products.
  • You’ll also get plenty of training and development opportunities, so you get as much support, feedback and chances to further your career as you need.

Welcome to Tesco Malaysia!