• Mall

    Putting the customer at the centre of what we do means going the extra mile to create a total shopping experience.


Key information

Leadership skills required

  • Innovation
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Resilience
  • Responsiveness

Teams you could work with

We create a complete shopping experience beyond the store for our customers.
Our innovative and fast-growing business creates new retail concepts and product trends.
Collaborating with other brands, individuals and companies, we give customers what they want all in the same location for more convenience, more shopping fun.

• A people person with a ready smile and lots of patience
• Excellent communication skills
• Passion for retail and mall management
• Negotiation skills

This is a dynamic and exciting role with lots of interaction with a whole range of people. You need to understand shopping habits, review retail trends and anticipate customer wants.

Your day-to-day duties breaks down into four areas:
• Managing the tenant mix using market research to analyse and select suitable tenants for our malls
• Retaining tenants by helping them succeed in our malls.
• Building new business by developing partnerships with vendors that are popular with our customers in growing segments  of the retail sector.
• Developing the relationship with our vendors for a lasting business partnership.

Most of your time will be spent connecting and collaborating with mall tenants – both current and potential vendors.  

You will also be working closely with:
• Site research teams
• Construction and finance teams
• Retail partners

We want you to always feel at ease in your new working environment. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to help you enjoy the work you do.

  • You’ll join a welcoming team that works on building strong, friendly relationships with customers and local communities.
  • All year round, you’ll receive benefits and rewards, including additional special offers on our products.
  • You’ll also get plenty of training and development opportunities, so you get as much support, feedback and chances to further your career as you need.

Welcome to Tesco Malaysia!